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Golden Compass

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Post by Danae » Tue Nov 06, 2007 8:30 am

WOW... I heard this about the movie... It is so unreal.. thank you for sharing this information with us and we do need to pass this on... Pray that the glory of God will prevail...

More on Golden Compass

Post by ADC62679 » Mon Nov 05, 2007 3:41 pm

I just received this information from a friend. Please get the word out to everyone you know.

Subject: From Bryan Cutshall Regarding The Golden Compass

Regarding The Golden Compass


Yesterday, I was handed a children's book by a staff member who said, "I think you need to see this."

The book is published by Scholastic and is part of a collection of books. The book I was given is called The Golden Compass. This children's book is one of the most alarming things I have ever read. What makes it worse is that a movie based on the book premieres in December. Both the book and the movie introduce atheism to children. The story ends with Adam and Eve killing God.

THIS IS A MOVIE THAT WE MUST PROTEST AND OPPOSE AS CHRISTIANS. Please educate yourself on this by checking out the links I have provided below and help me spread the word. Do not remain silent on this issue. This is a time for the family of GOD to stand together.

Dr. Bryan Cutshall
Senior Pastor, Twin Rivers Worship Center
Founder and CEO, Churchtrainer, Inc.

Focus on the Family has several notices written about it. You can click on this link to see one of them:

You can also read more about it below.

I checked this out at; unfortunately, it's true... There will be a new children's movie out in December called "The Golden Compass." The movie has been described as "atheism for kids" and is based on the first book of a trilogy entitled "His Dark Materials" written by Phillip Pullman. Pullman is a militant atheist and secular humanist who despises

C. S. Lewis and the "Chronicles of Narnia." His motivation for writing this trilogy was specifically to counteract Lewis' symbolisms of Christ portrayed in the Narnia series.

Clearly, Pullman's main objective is to bash Christianity and promote atheism. Pullman left little doubt about his intentions when he said in a 2003 interview, "my books are about killing God." He has even stated that he wants "to kill God in the minds of children." It has been said of Pullman that he is "the writer the atheists would be praying for, if atheists prayed."

While "The Golden Compass" movie itself may seem mild and innocent, the books are a much different story. In the trilogy, a young streetwise girl becomes enmeshed in an epic struggle to ultimately defeat the oppressive forces of a senile God. Another character, an ex-nun, describes Christianity as "a very powerful and convincing mistake." In the final book, characters representing Adam and Eve eventually kill God, who at times is called YAHWEH. Each book in the trilogy gets progressively worse regarding Pullman's hatred of Jesus Christ.

"The Golden Compass" is set to premier December 7, during the Christmas season and will probably be heavily advertised. Promoters hope that unsuspecting parents will take their children to see the movie, that they will enjoy the movie, and that the children will want the books for Christmas. Please boycott the movie and the books. Also, pass this information along to everyone you know. This will help to educate parents, so that they will know the agenda of the movie.

The Golden Compass

A movie to avoid

We need to get the word out about this movie -
it is coming out in December - an atheist produced it,
it is marketed for children and in the end they kill God.
Send this to everyone you know.

Post by LisaAnne » Sat Oct 27, 2007 11:44 pm

Wow- thanks for the heads up! My kids loved Narnia - so these trailers would probably really appeal to them. I'll look into it some more. Appreciate the warning!

Post by nicolehunt » Sat Oct 27, 2007 8:33 pm

Wow. I hadnt heard of it yet, but thats ... wow.

Golden Compass

Post by ADC62679 » Sat Oct 27, 2007 4:01 pm

I recently saw an actor promoting this movie on one of the morning shows (I think the Today show) and they were talking about it like it was a magical Christmas movie just in time for the holidays. We need to be so careful about what our kids see.

Golden Compass is NOT a children's movie!
Body: Don't be fooled!

There's a new movie coming out in December called the Golden Compass, upon first glance it looks like an innocent children's movie similar to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. But don't be deceived, this is no innocent children's movie. This movie is based on the first book in the His Dark Materials trilogy, and the author of these books has made it clear that his agenda is to promote atheism in children. He was quoted to say, "My books are about killing God." So before you and/or your family pack up to go see this film, be sure it's what you want your kids to see. Check out this website for more details.

The following are quotes from his FAQs on his site:
His Dark Materials seems to be against organised religion. Do you believe in God?

I don't know whether there's a God or not. Nobody does, no matter what they say. I think it's perfectly possible to explain how the universe came about without bringing God into it, but I don't know everything, and there may well be a God somewhere, hiding away.

Actually, if he is keeping out of sight, it's because he's ashamed of his followers and all the cruelty and ignorance they're responsible for promoting in his name. If I were him, I'd want nothing to do with them.

You have run into criticism from certain religious groups who regard you as subversive, with the Catholic Herald describing your work as 'worthy of the bonfire.' Do such emotional responses concern or upset you or does it please you to generate strong reactions?

I'm delighted to have brought such excitement into what must be very dull lives.