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Spent all Day Saturday with Lisa Nichols.

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Spent all Day Saturday with Lisa Nichols.

Post by mslakisha » Sun Aug 19, 2007 8:03 am

OMGosh you all,
I don't know if you've ever heard of Lisa Nichols. I hadn't even known the event for which she was catapulted into household name-dom until a few weeks ago.

So anyway... I typed up some info about my experience with her and put it in my myspace blog... I'll paste it below. It is LONG but so worth the read.

Now off to put it on my yahoo 360 page. :)


I am so BLESSED.


Just to let you know
I will be following this up with a blog or two.

YESTERDAY...August 18th,2007 (I haven't even gone to sleep yet so it feels like today!),

I spent the day with Lisa Nichols and some of the most amazing people in the world.

There is so much renewal that took place. It wasn't all easy and sweet and bubbly and FABULOUS... but it was NECESSARY!!!!!

Did you hear me???? It was and IS VITAL to the purposes and plans that God has designed specifically for MY life.

Stay Tuned.

EMPRESSively Yours,

Let me add on by saying,

If you recall my last message, I went into the workshop not having any expectation but receiving the best that God has for me. I received that.

At first I had a hard time receiving the BLESSINGS that HE had for me by allowing others to POUR INTO me. (You know it was difficult for me because I am used to being the one that POURS into the lives of others.)

I sat in a room full of people I had NEVER met before.. yet for ALMOST ALL of them, I felt as if I had KNOWN them for a million years, I had encountered them a hundred times, I breathed the same intimate, releasing breath with them for more years than this Planet has existed. Can you understand what I am saying?

I have few words to describe the emotions that have gone through me.

I am so AMAZINGLY BLESSED and being BLESSED is not on ACCIDENT... HE, my Father, My God blesses me on PURPOSE.


You know it wasn't even ABOUT LISA...she happened to be the vessel that HE used to make something CLEAR to me... HE used her and many others with names like : Jasmine, Helen, Denae, Mark, Vera, Malena, Margret, Doris, Earl, Fred, Carl, Ken, Jo Ann, Alllie, Cheryl, Mell, Ghary, Ryan, Chris, Jeanette, Linda Rose, Coll, Teresa, Lusana....oh how the list goes on and on... yes and you Betsy..., To Be a BLESSING to me. To reaffirm that which I KNOW but had allowed doubt to settle, take up residence, upon. HE flowed through these ones to remind me that I AM ok. Did you catch that. HE flowed through them to remind me. "I AM, OK!!!" Read it again... it is two sentences in this ONE sentence.

HE reminded me that HE says to ME, "Kisha, I AM....OK!!!!"
And again the same words to have ME say to myself, "I AM OK!"

HOW powerful is THAT!!!!

If you don't think that is powerful.. READ it AGAIN UNTIL YOU... yes YOU... GET IT!!!!

There is so much more that I could write about August 18th, 2007....I'll save all but this.

This date is significant because it is also my Gran-Gran's birthday!!! She is one of the most powerful, stately, graceful, intelligent, wise, honorable, no-non-sense, loving, dependable, giving, trustworthy, reliable, high integrity Persons that I KNOW. I am HONORED to be related to her.. to breathe her breath, to have her blood flow through my veins, to live as a better woman because of her sacrifices to raise my mothers and instill in her TRUTHS...that have been lovingly pasted on to me.

NOW, I choose to stand in my GREATNESS, in my AUTHENTICITY not just for those who came before me and will come after me... but ALSO for MYSELF!!!

Today August 19th is the birthday of my Grandma Bertha, who is also strong, powerful, witty, reliable, fearless, tough as nails, uninhibited, a fighter, an overcomer, a woman who lives each day FULLY, a woman of faith, the grand dame of my Father's Family, A wise woman who has held back nothing in order that her family who have better than those before them...and instilled in each of her 16 children to do better... because they KNEW better. I am blessed to have the qualities of a fearless warrior flowing through my veins, balanced in my bloodline, inseparable from my soul, a continuation of resilience and REAL love and Honesty.

Now I choose to stand in my POWER and AUTHORITY not just for those who will come after me and have come before me, but ALSO FOR ME!!!!!

I deserve to be TRUE to ME... to the Holy One who lives within the One who has created me PERFECT, without flaw or stain, wrinkle nor blemish. HE makes NO apology for creating , designing, shaping, purging, molding, refreshing, renewing, reigniting, or PURPOSING me.... HIS GREATEST Masterpiece, HIS FAVORITE of the Favored Daughters and NEITHER do I.

And NOW it begins!!!!

Aloha, I'm Lakisha. I have been served my cup and my plate and am FILLING beyond OVERFLOW!!! Psalm 119:56-58 (NKJV)

****Kisha's Note: **** just go on and read Psalm 119:01-68. It REALLY REALLY blessed me just now. :)*********

I love you, Goodnight.

EMPRESS~Fabulous One